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For students learning to use computer keyboards at school and at home.

Are your students becoming 'two finger typists' on computer keyboards? Help them to type correctly using Touchtypers.

Touch typing is a lifetime skill that is useful not only for academic progression, but also just about every professional position your children are likely to encounter in the future.

Touchtypers is a system that uses specially developed lettered gloves and simple exercises to make it easy for students to learn to touch-type on computer keyboards, using any typing system or word processing software.

After extensive testing and development, Touchtypers are now available for school purchases.

Touchtypers glovesThis simple but highly effective method allows students to learn the correct typing skills when they are young.

A free book comes with every pair of Touchtypers, including full instructions and over 20 graded lessons. Some free sample exercises are also published on this site.

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